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May 04
Whoopee Games releases Molecular Deuce X 1.0 for OS X
Whoopee Games has introduced Molecular Deuce X 1.0 (, a puzzle game for Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher. It costs US$4.99 and is available at the Mac App Store in the Games category. Using the mouse, the player has to slide atoms around a screen in an attempt to build a molecule in as few moves as possible and as fast as possible. Each level has a unique playing field and a target molecule that the player has to put back together. Molecular Deuce X features 60 levels. The player can only start an atom moving, either horizontally or vertically, and it won't stop until it hits a wall or another atom. As the player progresses through the levels they get tougher and the player will have to take a more strategic approach, such moving an atom for the sole purpose of controlling where another atom will stop.   
May 04
QUByte Interactive announces Plush Wars for Mac App Store
QUByte Interactive has announced Plush Wars 1.0.0 (, their new 3D-style tower defense game for Mac OS X (10.6.6 and later). It's available at the Mac App Store in the Games category for $0.99 through May 10. Here's how the game is described: "Plush Wars features three challenging worlds that are full of nasty ZomBears with different kinds of cannons to wipe them off the map. Plush Wars utilizes beautifully rendered 3D environments and uniquely responsive controls to create a fully engaging gaming experience. Players will have a very intense graphics experience in this new version. "Plush Wars utilizes beautifully rendered 3D environments and uniquely responsive controls to create a fully engaging gaming experience. Players will have a very intense graphics experience in this new version. With in-depth and varied gameplay together with richly rendered graphics and responsive player controls."
May 04
Ilium Software releases eWallet GO! for Mac OS X
Ilium Software has released eWallet GO! for Mac OS X (10.5 and higher). This release adds another platform to the password app, which is already available for the iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Windows PC. eWallet GO! is a password manager that lets you store and access all your important information. It comes with 29 ready-to-use templates and 256-AES encryption. eWallet GO! makes it easy to backup your info using Google Docs or Dropbox, according to the folks at Ilium Software. Not only can you backup and restore eWallet GO! to your Mac, but if you also purchase eWallet GO! for any of its mobile platforms, you can backup and restore between your phone and your computer. eWallet GO! costs US$4.99 on any of its available platforms. More info can be found on Ilium Software's website.(
May 04
G-Form offers 'world's most rugged laptop case'
G-Form, an athletic gear company recently known for the Extreme Sleeve for iPad that has sustained a 500-foot drop from an airplane and a 12-pound bowling ball, has introduced the Extreme Sleeve  for Laptop. The company says it's the "world's most rugged laptop case." Designed for the laptop user who is always on-the-go, the Extreme Sleeve can be placed in a bag, backpack or suitcase. It's designed to "protect your laptop from impact unlike any other sleeve on the market," says Thom Cafaro, innovations manager at G-Form. The Extreme Sleeve for Laptop utilizes RPT ("Reactive Protection Technology "), which allows the Extreme Sleeve to be soft, flexible and light-weight, while still offering unparalleled protection, he adds. RPT is a combination of PORON XRD material and proprietary G-Form technology that instantly stiffens upon impact and absorbs over 90% of the energy. The Extreme Sleeve for Laptop -- which comes in 11-inch, 13-inch and 15-inch versions -- offers consistent, repeated...
May 04
Altec Lansing announces Orbit USB Stereo Speaker System
Altec Lansing ( has announced the Orbit USB Stereo (iML247), a USB powered speaker system engineered for the multimedia user who needs an on-the-go audio solution with plug and play simplicity. The Orbit USB Stereo significantly amplifies and enhances the sound of any laptop, netbook or computer without compromising portability thanks to its compact design that interlocks the two speakers and stows the cord, says Steve Schlangen, Altec Lansing senior product manager. and the Orbit USB Stereo makes a big impression despite a small footprint. To use, twist and split apart the two speakers and connect to a computer via USB. When done, the two speakers lock back together and are ready to go. To maximize portability, the design is easy to pack or toss in a bag and features hidden internal cord storage to eliminate tangling. Retractable stands let the user aim the sound in any direction. At the core of the Orbit USB Stereo is Altec Lansing's Audio Alignment...
May 04
Lola's Magic Cube arrives on Mac App Store
BeiZ has released Lola's Magic Cube 1.0 ( for Mac. The puzzle game requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later and can be purchased at the Mac App Store for US$3.99. Here's how the game is described: "Lola's Magic Cube is a new kind of kids' puzzle game that can be played with Mac computers. The game comes with three difficulty levels and the easiest level can be played even by three year old kids with some help from an adult. The hard level provides challenge all the way up to 7-8 year old kids. More stunning patterns will be available soon for the harder levels. "The hard level provides challenge all the way up to 7-8 year old kids. More stunning patterns will be available soon for the harder levels."
May 04
Upcoming Seagate GoFlex will have 3TB of storage
Seagate ( has unveiled what it says is the world’s first 3.5-inch hard drive featuring 1TB of storage capacity per disk platter, breaking the 1TB areal density barrier, The company’s GoFlex Desk products are the first to feature the new hard drive, delivering storage capacities of up to 3TB and an areal density of 625 Gigabits per square inch. Seagate is on track to ship its flagship 3.5-inch Barracuda desktop hard drive with 3TBs of storage on three disk platters -- enough capacity to store up to 120 high-definition movies, 1,500 video games, thousands of photos or "virtually countless hours of digital music" -- to the distribution channel in mid-2011. The drive will also be available in capacities of 2TB, 1.5TB and 1TB. GoFlex Desk external drives are compatible with both the Mac and Windows systems. Each drive includes an NTFS driver for Mac, which allows the drive to store and access files from both Mac OS X and Windows computers without reformatting.
May 04
Seapine ALM adds Agile support, more
Seapine Software has announced details about its release of Seapine ALM 2011.1. The new version of this popular application lifecycle management suite of tools will include customer-requested features, including enhancements to help software developers and testers better meet internal and industry standards and regulations, says Jeff Amfahr, director of product management, Seapine Software. Seapine ALM 2011.1 includes new features and enhancements for TestTrack, Surround SCM, and QA Wizard Pro. The changes include enhancements for enabling better creation and re-use of test cases, tracking test execution progress, and ensuring adherence to best practices and compliance requirements during testing. Seapine ALM 2011.1 also adds new Surround SCM features, including support for shelving in-progress changes, enhanced trigger capabilities, and more. Seapine added workflow history diagrams and improved task board and traceability reports to TestTrack, as well as TestTrack TCM enhancements....
May 04
MetaCommunications releases free online proofing, review...
MetaCommunications has released Approval Manager 2011, available in both Standard and free Express editions. For the first time it's available separately from the  MetaCommunications Workgroups 2011 suite. Approval Manager 2011 includes features for automating online proofing and review for marketing, creative and production environments. It focuses on automating the workflow of your team and how it interacts with reviewers to gather approvals, feedback, or variation selection, says Robert Long, president of MetaCommunications. Demos of Approval Manager and a comparison of its editions can be found at . Manager Express edition is free and includes unlimited users, storage, and proofs. Approval Manager Standard edition starts at US$995 and includes complete workflow management.
May 04
Spot Documents announces 5GB Free Cloud Storage Plan
Spot Documents ( has announced a free 5GB storage plan, where workers can have access to vital documents and files wherever they are. Any kind of file can purportedly be stored using the system, which provides previews and full content searching with iPad, iPhone, Mac and web clients. A single account can host multiple repositories, each of which can hold hundreds of thousands of files. All the clients are a free download from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Mac App Store for Mac OS X. Clients initially log in to a demonstration read-only account that allows users to see the searching capabilities of the service. Signing up for Spot Documents allows users to automatically upload files as they are created on the desktop for later viewing, managing and editing on the iPad, Web or other clients. It scales to larger projects. Any type of file up to 5GB in size can be stored.
May 04
MassTransit gets Microsoft Outlook plug-in
Group Logic (, a provider of enterprise-class connectivity solutions, has released MassTransit 7.2. This new release adds an optional plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, allowing end users to invoke MassTransit from their existing email client in order to securely send large files. MassTransit provides a file transfer solution for infrequent file transfers, a tool for high volume, high frequency transfers and automated tools for system-to-system file transfers. It provides your organization with a single tool for defining and enforcing file transfer access rights and for monitoring all file transmissions, according to T. Reid Lewis, CEO of Group Logic. Users can log into their MassTransit-powered corporate file transfer website and within three clicks begin sending files as large as many gigabytes securely over HTTPS. There's no browser plug-in or FTP client to install and typing a few characters of the recipient’s name brings up a pre-loaded contact directory. To...
May 04
Manpower 4.0 gets native Cocoa toolbar, printing
Code by Kevin has released Manpower 4.0 (, a program that provides a three-pane interface designed to make reading Unix documentation pages on Mac OS X as easy as reading e-mail.   Manpower is a Mac OS X graphical user interface to the main system of Unix software documentation, the "man page." Man pages are typically accessed in the Unix terminal, which can be tedious and difficult to read. Manpower provides a three-pane interface. Manpower 4.0 offers a native Cocoa toolbar and native Cocoa printing. It can be set as default viewer for man pages. The latest version offers improved AppleScript support, support for hyperlinks in man page and integration with the native Mac help viewer.    To install Manpower, download the latest version. It can be installed anywhere on your machine. The download is a 30-day demo; you can purchase a license to use the program past the 30-day trial period. The app is also available from the Mac App Store. Mac OS X 10.6 is the...
May 04
O'Reilly publishes Microsoft Outlook for Mac book
O'Reilly has published "Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 Step by Step" ( a 448 page book designed to teach readers how to organize your email, arrange your calendar, and manage tasks with Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011. There are sections on how to: ° Switch from Microsoft Entourage with minimal disruption; ° Manage all your e-mail accounts in one place with Outlook; ° Use the Calendar to schedule meetings and appointments; ° Set custom rules to sort your email automatically; ° Prioritize and track every task; ° Customize Outlook to accommodate the way you work. Author Maria Langer has written over 50 books about business and productivity software (Microsoft Office, FileMaker Pro), Web publishing software (WordPress), social networking services (Twitter), financial software (QuickBooks, Quicken), and operating system software (Mac OS). In addition to being a bestselling author, she also writes, narrates, and creates video training materials for...
May 04
Activity Audit update refines journaling ability
DssW has released Activity Audit 1.1 for Mac OS X. The app creates a journal of the applications used on a Mac. This new release refines Activity Audit's ability to journal when your Mac is in use. Auditing can now be suspended while the Mac isn't actively used. These periods include when the Mac is sleeping, the display is sleeping, and while the user is Fast User Switched. By suspending auditing during these times, the journal now provides a more accurate picture of when the Mac is really in use, according to Graham Miln, director of DssW. Activity Audit now includes a status menu to show when auditing is taking place. The status menu provides quick access to Activity Audit and iCal, as well as the option to stop auditing at any time. Activity Audit creates calendar events as applications are launched and quit. These events create a complete audit trail showing users the applications they were using and when. The resulting calendar provides a visual insight into how a user's Mac...
May 03
iSuppli: Apple App Store to account for 76% of mobile app...
Combined revenues from the four major mobile application stores run by Apple, Nokia, Google and Research in Motion will leap 77.7% in 2011 to $3.8 billion, with the Apple App Store projected to eat up a gargantuan three-quarters share of the total market, according to new IHS Screen Digest research. To no one’s surprise, the Apple App Store continues to head off all competition. Projected figures for the Apple App Store this year call for revenue of $2.91 billion, up 63.4% from $1.78 billion in 2010. Given that Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad are the market leaders in their field, the company’s App Store is expected to take in 76% of revenue this year and retain 60% market share by 2014, despite efforts by the other stores to match Apple’s ability to monetize its users, IHS believes. Apple also will lead the way with revenue gained from in-app purchases -- or additional purchases made within a paid application, such as bonus game levels -- which will serve as a key...
May 03
Analyst: new iMacs will help Apple gain market share
Following last year's iMac refresh, Apple saw 23.7% sequential growth and UBS analyst Maynard Um with UBS expects the same thing to happen this year with the revved iMac line-up. "Apple continues to provide more value," he said in a note to clients -- as reported by "AppleInsider" (, noting that the four basic iMac configurations held their same prices with improved internal hardware, "and we expect it to continue to gain share in the PC market." Desktop Macs have fallen from more than 50% of the company's Mac shipments in 2006 to 26% of total units in the second fiscal quarter of 2011. However, "Mac desktop sales have also seen a significant boost when Apple issues an update for its flagship product in that category, the iMac," notes "AppleInsider." "In Apple's first fiscal quarter of 2010, when the iMac hardware was completely redesigned with an edge-to-edge glass display, desktop sales increased by 70% year over year."
May 03
New iMacs get Sandy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt technology
As expected, Apple has updated the iMac with next generation, Sandy Bridge quad-core processors, new graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera. Starting at US$1,199, the new iMac is up to 70 percent faster and new graphics deliver up to three times the performance of the previous generation, according to Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. The new iMac features quad-core Intel Core i5 processors with an option for customers to choose Core i7 processors up to 3.4 GHz. These next generation processors feature an integrated memory controller for an amazingly responsive experience and a powerful new media engine for high-performance video encoding and decoding, says Schiller. With new AMD Radeon HD graphics processors, the new iMac has the most powerful graphics ever in an all-in-one desktop, he adds. The iMac is the first desktop computer on the market to include Thunderbolt I/O technology. The 21.5-inch iMac...
May 03
Adobe releases Creative Suite 5.5
Adobe has released the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 product family, which delivers advances in HTML5 and Flash authoring, enabling designers and developers to create compelling content and applications, according to David Wadhwani, senior vice president and general manager, Creative and Interactive Solutions, Adobe. Creative Suite 5.5 products also feature significant innovation in the areas of video production and editing and delivers new capabilities in the exploding area of digital publishing, he adds. With Creative Suite 5.5 content authors can deliver work to multiple platforms, operating systems, web browsers, smartphones and tablets -- iOS, Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS devices. Focused on the latest wave of mobile devices, this release of Creative Suite gives web designers and developers a software solution that allows them to produce HTML5 content in the browser and deliver "high-impact mobile applications through sweeping advances in Flash tooling," says Wadhwani. Designers...
May 03
Formula Capital investor: Apple will become trillion dollar...
Investor James Altucher of Formula Capital thinks Apple will eventually be worth more than US$1 trillion, maybe even $2-$3 trillion, reports "Daily Ticker" ( Apple is currently worth about $320 billion, so $1 trillion would be a price of about $1,000 per share. the article adds. Why does Altucher think Apple's stock will go to the moon? Because Apple's growth rate is astounding for a company its size, and the company's global market share in its key markets -- smartphones, tablets, and Macs -- is still very low, he tells "Daily Ticker." Also, factoring out Apple's $65 billion pile of cash, the stock is trading at a low price-earnings multiple.
May 03
Apple releases Boot Camp Update for new iMacs
Apple has released Boot Camp 3.2 Update for the just-announced iMac rev. It addresses issues with Japanese and Korean keyboards. Boot Camp 3.2 requires Windows 7 and is a 638KB download. For more information about this update, please visit this website: .
May 03
MAC Group acquires Tenba photo bag business
MAC Group (, a manufacturer and distributor of professional photographic equipment, has announced developments and future plans for its Tenba ( bag division. After several years of partnership, MAC Group recently completed the final phase of fully acquiring the Tenba photo bag business and its worldwide patent and trademark portfolio from Robert Weinreb, who founded the pioneering company 35 years ago. MAC Group says it will dramatically increase its investment in the growth of the company in the U.S. and abroad, and has plans in place to expand substantially in both product scope and market share. “We’ve grown our bag business over fourfold in as many years,” says Tenba and MAC Group President Jan Lederman. “The company is forecasting 2011 to be its biggest year by far, and is expecting the business to double over the next two years. This has been building for some time and, especially given the highly competitive nature of this...
May 03
Clean Slate 1.0 available on the Mac App Store
Old Jewel Software has introduced Clean Slate 1.0 (, its new Mac OS X utility for developers, presenters and the messy. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.7 to run and is available at the Mac App Store for free through May 8. After that it will cost US$1.99. Clean Slate is designed to let you clean up your desktop by hiding all the icons that normally junk it up using either a menu bar extra, a keyboard combination, or a Dock icon. It's useful for taking screenshots, giving presentations, or just making a Mac's desktop look more organized, according to the folks at Old Jewel Software. Clean Slate is available on the Mac App Store for free until May 8, 2011. To hide the icons on the desktop, users have a choice of using their own desktop background or any other picture they may have on their computer. Users can choose to have Clean Slate activate using a keyboard shortcut that they define, though the default shortcut (command-shift-2) is meant to fit in easily with the...
May 03
NewerTech announces NuPad base for the Mac mini
Newer Technology ( has expanded its line of accessories for the Mac mini with the introduction of the new US$4.99 NewerTech NuPad Base for the 2010 Mac mini ( The NuPad Base provides a flat, formfitting, non-skid rubber foot that eliminates the sliding and skidding that can occur from day to day use and access of a 2010 Mac mini. Precision cut to match the shape of the Mac mini’s underside access door, the NewerTech NuPad Base is applied via adhesive backing and solves the problem of the 2010 Mac mini sliding out of position on smooth surfaces such as desktops and entertainment center shelving. With the NuPad Base installed, everyday actions such as inserting a DVD no longer result in having to readjust the mini’s orientation, while access to the mini’s access door remains unhindered. The NewerTech NuPad Base also provides added anti-skid stability when two 2010 Mac minis are used in a stacked position on a desktop or when suspended...
May 03
Epson introduces new 13-inch printer
Epson America has introduced the latest 13-inch printer to join its line of products, the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 ( Taking advantage of Epson's pigment printing technology, this printer produces prints with a glossy look and feel that's optimized for serious photography and other high-level creative applications, according to Richard Day, senior product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America. The Epson Stylus Photo R2000 provides several features and qualities that are typically found in professional-level printers, such as pigment-based inks, flexible media handling, and significantly larger capacity cartridges that deliver up to 50% more prints, he adds. The printer's connectivity options include Ethernet, Wireless-N and USB 2.0. Supported media include cut sheet and roll paper, photographic and fine art media, canvas, art boards, and CD/DVDs. The R2000 uses Epson's MicroPiezo print head with AMC and Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 Ink. The printer's...
May 03
IDrive now supports Time Machine
Pro Softnet Corp. -- which offers the IDrive online backup service -- has announced that users of its IDrive Mac client software version 1.4.2 can now enjoy full support for Apple Time Machine backups. Once the Time Machine folder is selected for backup to the IDrive online account, IDrive automatically keeps the latest Time Machine data protected for a redundant backup. If the local Time Machine backup becomes lost or corrupted, individual files/folders, or the entire Time Machine backup can be restored back to the Mac. What's more, the new Rapid Serve program offered by IDrive allows large restores to occur via an IDrive Portable Hard Drive. IDrive Portable is a 320GB portable USB hard drive available for purchase from After purchase, the IDrive Portable drive is loaded with the customer's most recent Time Machine backup and shipped free for a hassle-free restore using Apple's Migration Assistant. IDrive online backup accounts range from 5GB of storage absolutely free...
May 03
Winter Wolves releases Always Remember Me game
Winter Wolves ( has released Always Remember Me, a otome life/dating simulation game for Mac, Windows and Linux systems. It costs US$19.99; a demo is available for download. Here's how the game is described: "The story is about Amarantha Fitch, Amy for her friends, who works part-time in a ice-cream parlor during the summer to pay for her studies. Engaged with Aaron, one day they have a car accident, and Aaron suffers from short-term amnesia. He doesn't remember Amy anymore! "Will you be able to make him remember again? Or perhaps it's time to move on. Maybe Amy will fall in love with someone else? The game plays like a detailed life simulation game: through a town map you can move to different locations, each one offering several different actions which change based on the time of the day, day of the week and plot status, ensuring a very high replayability! "The game features beautiful manga artwork, classic stats based dating sim, 9 different endings, a...
May 03
Native Instruments releases Komplete Audio 6
Native Instruments ( has released Komplete Audio 6, a six-channel audio interface for studio and live usage. As the successor to the Audio Kontrol 1, it provides more connectivity, increased audio performance and a host of practical new features, complemented by a versatile software package for music production and DJing, according to the folks at Native Instruments. Based on the latest generation of Native Instruments’ USB Audio interface technology, the Komplete Audio 6 addresses the typical needs of musicians and producers in a portable package. With four balanced analog inputs and outputs, complemented by a digital S/PDIF stereo I/O and an integrated MIDI interface, the unit can be used as the centerpiece for a range of setups. Due to 24-bit/96kHz Cirrus Logic converters and +11dBu analog output stages, Komplete Audio 6 delivers audio quality for studio and stage, while revised Mac OS X and Windows Audio drivers enable low-latency performance....
May 03
skEdit text/HTML editor updated to version 4.1.5
Before Dawn Solutions ( has announced skEdit 4.1.5, an update of their text/HTML editor. It's available at the Mac App Store for US$29.99. 
With a focus on web development, skEdit Text/HTML editor includes features to assist in the editing of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, ASP, Ruby/Rails, SQL, ActionScript and ColdFusion. Version 4.1.5 includes bug fixes to the language scanner and preference management. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
May 02
ITC says Apple doesn't violate Elan patents
Elan Microelectronics, a Taiwanese designer of touchpad chips and modules, says it will appeal a ruling in the U.S., after an International Trade Commision judge said the company's patent-related claim against Apple revealed no breach of trade laws, reports the IDG News Service ( Elan received a notice from the U.S. commission last week of a preliminary ruling that Apple did not violate international trade laws, nor did Elan prove patent infringement, the article adds. The company "regrets" the preliminary ruling and says it will ask the International Trade Commission to review the content of the chief judge's ruling and come out with a result favorable to it. In March 2010 Elan asked the U.S. trade agency to ban the import and sale of some Apple products, including the iPad, because of alleged patent infringement. The company claims Apple “knowingly and deliberately” used Elan’s technology, while continuing to introduce infringing products The petition also...
May 02
Apple fifth on list of companies with best corporate reputations
The American public's positive perception of the reputation of corporate America is on the rise, according to the Harris Interactive research group ( Apple now ranks fifth among companies with the best corporate reputation. Harris Interactive says overall corporate reputation is experiencing rehabilitation as the American public gives high marks overall to corporate America, specific industries, and the largest number of individual companies in a dozen years. This, according to the findings of the 2011 Harris Interactive RQ Study, which measures the reputations of the "60 Most Visible Companies in the U.S." This is the 1 th year for the study, established in 1999. Of the 20 notable changes in reputation among the 54 companies measured in both 2010 and 2011, 18 had significant positive increases, compared to only two declines. Sixteen companies received an RQ score over 80, which is considered to be an "Excellent" reputation, a sharp increase from the...
May 02
NetMarketShare: Mac OS X, iOS, Safari set market share records
In April, Apple has increased their usage share in all four major devices they produce, according to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare ( The Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch all gained share in the last month. On three devices, Apple has reached an all-time high usage share. According to the report, among operating systems, Mac OS X had 5.40% of the global market share in April compared to 5.25% in March (that's global market share; in the US it's almost 10%) -- the highest percentage ever. Windows remains dominant with 89.91% as of April. That's down from 89.58% in March. When it comes to browsers, Safari had 7.15% in April compared to 6.61% in March, while Internet Explorer had 55.11% Firefox had 21.63% and Chrome had 11.94%. That compares to, respectively, March percentages of 55.92%, 21.80% and 11.57%, respectively, for the browsers. The iOS's market share also rose, according to NetMarketShare. It had 2.24% of the global market...
May 02
Mac OS X fastest growing client operating system
As the global economy recovered, worldwide operating system (OS) revenue totaled $30.4 billion in 2010, a 7.8 percent increase from 2009, according to Gartner ( Mac OS X and Linux (server) and Mac OS were the fastest-growing subsegments in the client and server OS segments, respectively, while Microsoft maintained its leading position in the overall OS market, with 78.6% market share, says the research group. "Generally, client OSs outperformed server OSs and grew 9.3% 2010, while the server OS segment grew 5.7%" says Matthew Cheung, principal research analyst at Gartner. "The long-pending demand for computer refreshment was unleashed as the economy stepped out from the economic turndown, which drove growth of client OSs." Among client OSs, Mac OS was the fastest-growing subsegment in 2010 as the unit shipments of Mac desktop/laptop devices saw strong sales, although from a much-smaller basis. Windows client was still the largest client OS segment, with high-...
May 02
Apple now second largest buyer of MEMS
In 2010 Apple became the world's second largest buyer of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors for consumer electronics products and mobile handsets, as it snapped up parts for products including the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, according to IHS iSuppli ( The company’s purchases of consumer/cell phone MEMS sensors rose by 116.7% in 2010, the highest rate of any major buyer. Apple’s purchases rose to US$195 million in 2010, up from $90 million in 2009. This strong increase propelled Apple past Nintendo. Apple in 2010 also came within a hair’s breadth of taking the number one spot, trailing leading purchaser Samsung Electronics by just $5 million. “Consumers in 2010 happily bought up Apple products including the iPhone 4, the iPad and iPod Touch,” says Jérémie Bouchaud, principal analyst for MEMS at iSuppli. “Much of the appeal of these products lies in their sophisticated user interfaces, which rely heavily on MEMS sensors, specifically accelerometers,...
May 02
Quark launches QuarkXPress 9 Teacher-Try-It Program
Quark has announced the QuarkXPress 9 Teacher-Try-It Program, an exclusive chance for teachers in North America to receive a complimentary copy of the newest version of QuarkXPress. The program, which is running from May 1 to Nov. 1, aims to help teachers in K-12 and higher education institutions gain experience with QuarkXPress 9. The Teacher-Try-It program is open to K-12 and higher education educators at accredited institutions in the U.S. and Canada who teach classes in graphic design, digital media, print media, journalism, imaging arts, interactive media, interactive arts and development, new media, as well as  other study areas that can be submitted to Quark for consideration. To learn more about the program and sign up to participate, visit the online form ( or contact Quark Education at
May 02
QuickerTek offers 5dBi Tri-Band antenna upgrade
QuickerTek has announced their second generation higher gain 5dBi Tri-Band Antenna upgrade kit for the Apple 802.11n Extreme Base Station and the Time Capsule 500GB, 1TB and 2TB models. The company says they found a way to fix the modest receptive sensitivity and transmission capability by bringing the antennas outside the box. In-house testing showed up to three times better signal strength then that of the built-in antennas, according to QuickerTek. The 5dBi Tri-Band Antenna Do it yourself kit can be ordered from the company website ( Like most QuickerTek products, the 5dBi Tri-Band Antenna kit has a one year parts and labor warranty. Pricing ranges from US$129.95 to $480, depending on what you're upgrading and how much work you'll be doing yourself.
May 02
Analyst: Intel should become iOS microprocessor foundry
Piper Jaffray semiconductor analyst Gus Richard in a note to clients -- as reported by "Barron's ( says that since “Intel has no market share in the next wave of computing,” the company should consider becoming the foundry to manufacture the custom microprocessors that Apple designs into its iPhones, iPods and iPads. Intel needs volume to fill its fabs to keep on track with the rising cost of “Moore’s Law,” the exponential increase in chip complexity, writes Richard. It can’t overcome Apple’s, and Google’s, commanding lead in smartphones, so it must strike a bargain, the analyst adds. “We believe Apple is shifting away from Samsung,” writes Richard, citing efforts by the company to get memory chips from Elpida, Toshiba, and Micron Technology (MU), and what may be a foundry arrangement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) staring in the fourth quarter of 2011.
May 02
Time Inc. mags coming to the iPad
Time Inc., the country's largest magazine publisher, has reached a deal with Apple to make all its iPad editions free for print subscribers, "marking a break in the impasse between publishers and Apple and lending support to Time's contention that it's business-as-usual after the ouster of its chief executive," says "The Wall Street Journal" ( Starting today (Monday), subscribers to "Sports Illustrated," "Time" and "Fortune" magazines will be able to access the iPad editions via the apps, which will be able to authenticate them as subscribers. Time Inc.'s "People" magazine already had such an arrangement, but readers of most publications have had to pay separately for the iPad version regardless of their subscriber status.
May 02
Intego reports 'rogue' MACDefender anti-malware...
Intego ( says it has discovered a rogue anti-malware program called MACDefender, which attacks Macs via SEO poisoning attacks. When a user clicks on a link after performing a search on a search engine such as Google, this takes them to a web site whose page contains JavaScript that automatically downloads a file. In this case, the file downloaded is a compressed ZIP archive, which, if a specific option in a web browser is checked (Open “safe” files after downloading in Safari, for example), will open. The file is decompressed, and the installer it contains launches presenting a user with a set-up installer screen. If the user continues through the installation process, and enters an administrator’s password, the software will be installed. "It is important that users not continue with any unexpected installation of this type. Intego VirusBarrier X6′s malware definitions will be updated today, and Intego will be publishing a security memo when we have more...
May 02
Decloner update for Mac OS X gets multiple folder support
PixelEspresso has released Decloner 1.4 (, an update of the Mac OS X 10.6 utility to find and delete duplicate files. The upgrade adds multiple folder support Also, files that couldn't be removed are displayed in a list and can be deleted permanently. Deleted files can be replaced with aliases of the remaining file Decloner 14. adds detailed information and QuickLook support for selected duplicate file groups. Hidden folders aren't scanned anymore. Version 1.4 sports a redesigned Preferences panel and a crash reporter. Decloner uses a algorithm to determine if files are identical. The names of duplicate files are presented in a list to allow the user to select which files to delete, either individually or in bulk. Decloner can process large number of files on internal or external drives, and supports QuickLook and exclusion patterns. The user can inspect files and view their contents using Leopard's QuickLook feature. Decloner never deletes...
May 02
HoudahSpot for Mac OS X adds query pane hiding option
Houdah Software ( has updated HoudahSpot, their Spotlight front end for Mac OS X, to version 3.3. The upgrade adds the option to hide the query pane, making more room to show the search results. HoudahSpot's tagging feature is based upon the OpenMeta technology, so is compatible with a growing number of third party tagging applications. The HoudahSpot Tray lists favorite tags as well as tags recently used by HoudahSpot or another OpenMeta tagging solution. Drag a file to a tag to assign it that tag. Drag a file to the file well to be presented with a window to enter any number of tags. Select tags and double-click to start a search. Hold down the option key while double-clicking to match any of the selected tags. HoudahSpot is a Spotlight front-end for Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") and 10.6 ("Snow Leopard"). With it, users may create detailed queries to pinpoint the exact file they want to get to. HoudahSpot costs US$30 for a single-user license.
May 02
Qoppa releases PDF Automation Server 3
Qoppa Software has announces PDF Automation Server 3 ( with enhancements for Word-to-PDF conversion, Word-to-images conversion, Word file printing, improved performance and memory management, user interface enhancements, and improved PDF preflight. This multi-platform workflow server product automates the receiving, processing, and routing of multiple types of files on all Java enabled server platforms. PAS accepts incoming files of multiple types from local and network folders, email, or FTP servers. It then performs a wide range of manipulations, based on preset criteria. Once changed, both the original files and the output files can be routed to a range of destinations. PDF Automation Server is entirely based on Qoppa Software proprietary PDF technology. It's a reliable and affordable system to automate PDF workflows that works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix (Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX) and any other Java-enabled platform. Contact Qoppa Software for...
May 02
BatchOutput updates to version 3.11.2
Zevrix Solutions ( has released BatchOutput 3.11.2, an update to its professional solution to automate printing and exporting from Adobe InDesign. The update improves output of non-consecutive spreads and improves event logging. BatchOutput is designed to automate and simplify InDesign production workflows of service providers, printers, ad agencies and publishers. With BatchOutput, users only need to select the files to output and adjust the settings, and the rest will be done automatically. BatchOutput 3.11.2 can be purchased for US$129.95. A demo is available for download. Upgrades to BatchOutput 3.11.2 are free for licensed users of version 3.x, and $47.98 for the users of earlier versions. Every order includes a free license of File Courier (a $19.95 value). BatchOutput is available for Mac OS X 10.4.2 and higher, a Universal Binary, and works with Adobe InDesign CS-CS5.
May 02
Thursby Software updates ADmitMac, DAVE
Thursby Software Systems has released the latest updates of its g enterprise Mac-Windows integration, management and security software, ADmitMac v5.2 and DAVE v8.2. With the rapid acceptance of Macintosh computers into enterprise environments, the network complexities and requirements for commercial grade solutions continue to grow, says Bill Thursby, president and CEO of Thursby Software.  The latest updates refine networked workflows around popular Mac applications such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Avid and Microsoft Office, where enterprise clients feel the most challenges relative to native Mac OS X functionality, he adds. These x.2 updates are expected to be the last updates before Thursby’s Lion release this summer.  ADmitMac and DAVE beta releases for Lion will be available to select registered customers by the end of this month. The v5.2 and v8.2 updates are available for free to all customers under a current support contract.   For more info go to http://...
May 01
'Draconian workplace' conditions exposed at Chinese...
An investigation into the conditions of Chinese workers by two non-government organizations -- the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations and Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (Sacom) -- has revealed disturbing allegations of excessive working hours and "draconian workplace rules" at two major plants in southern China, reports "The Guardian.". It has also uncovered an "anti-suicide" pledge that workers at the two plants have been urged to sign, after a series of employee deaths last year, the article adds. The investigation looks at life for the 500,000 workers at the Shenzhen and Chengdu factories owned by Foxconn, which produces millions of Apple products each year. The report accuses Foxconn of treating workers "inhumanely, like machines." Among the allegations made by workers interviewed by the NGOs – – are claims that: excessive overtime is routine, badly performing workers are sometimes humiliated in front of colleagues, and up to 24 workers may...
Apr 29
Apple already adopting the iCloud?
Apple has begun adopting the "iCloud" name within several products currently under development, "suggesting the appropriately labeled moniker is indeed the frontrunner for the company's soon-to-debut Internet cloud service, which will span beyond streaming music," reports "AppleInsider" ( Quoting "people familiar with the matter," the site says Apple is prepping beta versions of both iOS 5.0 and Mac OS X Lion ahead of its June Worldwide Developer Conference that integrate with a service dubbed "iCloud," enabling users to sync and store much of the same information they currently can with the company's existing MobileMe service, such as bookmarks, email, contacts and iCal events. However, "AppleInsider" thinks the service will go beyond music, and could be the central component of a revamped Apple's existing MobileMe service. Apple is also said to have been toying with the idea of making its enhanced MobileMe a free service that would further tie users...
Apr 29
SmithBucklin employees given iPad 2s
SmithBucklin (, an association management and professional services company, distributed the Apple iPad 2 to its employees today. On March 30, 2011, SmithBucklin announced it would give an Apple iPad 2 to employees as a way to reward excellent staff performance, improve productivity and enhance the company’s social media capabilities. SmithBucklin employees received a 32GB Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi. For a nominal fee, they had the option to upgrade to a 64GB version or one that offers Wi-Fi and 3G service through Verizon or AT&T. Also, employees were given an US$50 Apple gift certificate which may be used to purchase iPad accessories such as the new magnetic Smart Cover, digital AV adapter, camera connection kit or keyboard. The association management company employs more than 600 people, with offices in Chicago, Washington, D.C., St. Louis and St. Paul, Minn. All of the company’s offices and conference rooms are Wi-Fi accessible, providing employees...
Apr 29
Apple overtakes ZTE for fourth place in global handset shipments
According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics (, global handset shipments grew 17% annually to reach 350 million units in the first quarter of 2011. Apple captured fourth place in global handset shipments, rising from sixth position a year earlier and leapfrogging rival ZTE. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple has 5.3% of the global handset market. It trails Nokia with 31%, Samsung with 19.7% and LG with 7%. “It was a mixed quarter for the world's major handset vendors," says Neil Mawston, director at Strategy Analytics. "Some brands outperformed, such as Apple and ZTE, while others underperformed, such as LG and Nokia. LG lost ground due to sluggish feature phone volumes, while Nokia continued to struggle in 3G smartphones and the important United States market.” Other findings from the research include: ° Samsung shipped 68.9 million handsets worldwide during the first quarter of 2011, rising a relatively sluggish 7% from 64.3 million...
Apr 29
Apple number five among global mobile phone makers
The worldwide mobile phone market grew 19.8% year over year in the first quarter of 2011 (1Q11) fueled by high smartphone growth, especially in emerging markets, and gains made by market challengers. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) "Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker" vendors shipped 371.8 million units in 1Q11 compared to 310.5 million units in the first quarter of 2010. Apple maintained its number four spot on IDC's Top 5 list thanks to a record quarter for unit shipments. The company posted the highest growth rate of the worldwide leaders. Apple's results were buoyed by strong sales on Verizon Wireless and additional carrier deals; the company is now on 186 carriers operating in 90 countries. The iPhone once again sold particularly well in developed economic regions of the world, such as North America and Western Europe. According to IDC Apple has 5% market share of the global mobile phone market compared to 2.8% in the year-ago quarter. Ahead of Apple on the list...
Apr 29
Samsung sues Apple in the US
Another day, another lawsuit. Samsung has broadened its patent- infringement dispute with Apple by suing the iPhone creator in the U.S. a week after making claims in Asia and Europe, reports "Bloomberg" ( Apple is infringing 10 patents related to mobile phones, Samsung said in an April 27 lawsuit in federal court in San Jose, California. The company, which sells the Galaxy smartphone and tablet, claims Apple is using Samsung’s inventions without paying, notes "Bloomberg." The lawsuit intensifies a legal dispute that began when Apple sued Samsung earlier this month, claiming the Galaxy products “slavishly” copied iPad and iPhone technology and design. Samsung, which is also a supplier of some Apple chips, retaliated last week with lawsuits in Seoul, Tokyo and Mannheim, Germany. Apple's lawsuit filed on April 15 in the U.S. claims Samsung's mobile phones and Galaxy Tab. Apple says Samsung "slavishly" copied the iPhone and iPad. "Rather than innovate and develop...
Apr 29
Apple, Google to testify at privacy hearing
"I'm pleased that Apple and Google have confirmed that they'll be sending representatives to testify at my upcoming hearing on mobile technology and privacy," Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) said in a statement. Franken, who chairs a new Senate privacy panel, added that the hearing was a "first step" in Congressional inquiries whether federal laws have kept up with the surge in mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, notes "InfoWorld." Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), the chairman of the Senate's Judiciary Committee, also acknowledged the participation of the two firms. "It is essential that policy makers and the American people have complete and accurate information about the privacy implications of these new technologies," Leahy said in a separate statement.

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